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Avan Tech EOOD is an European wholesaler & distributor of top branded and non-branded mobiles, smartphones, tablets & accessories to small, medium and large companies.
A well-organized communication network allows us fluently manage the flow of goods and fully satisfy our customers.

Our mission is to meet the needs of customers regardless of the size of the transaction. To fullfill your expectations, we offer latest accessories, advanced technologies at competitive prices. We cooperate with global clients and business partners for on-going updates and advances to our products.

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Always ready

One of the largest wholesale distributors of high end consumer electronics in Europe, Avant Tech EOOD is able to provide its customers with a one-of-a-kind experience by delivering expert advice, customized solutions and world-class distribution capabilities.

From smartphons to tablets and curved TV’s, we can help your business by offering the most in-demand high-tech products to your customers.

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High end devices

Consoles, TVs, Smartphones, Tablets and more consumer electronics


Avan Tech is leading distributor of smartphones in Europe. Our company pursues latest trends on mobile market.


Our company successfully ships the most innovative flat screen TVs and more and more latest curved smart TV systems!


Wide range of digital cameras will always be a must for a important supplier.


More and more consumers decide to use tablet as a main device. Our company helps to deliver this helpful hardware.

Video game consoles

Next generation of video game consoles is becoming bigger and bigger part of our stock.

Consumer electronics

Avan Tech works with many respected and well known partners who manufacture wide variety of consumer electronics.

Some of our products

Avan Tech is specialised in high end devices for demanding European market


Avan Tech is proud to work with brands such as demonstrated below